Located in the Cocoa Plex in Hershey, Jo-Jo’s Pizza has been a staple in the Hershey and surrounding areas since the turn of the century back in the year 2000. Jo-Jo’s Hershey Pizzeria is the place to go for the best pizza in Hershey. Our homemade dough, top-secret pizza sauce, and fresh ingredients will quickly make you a huge fan! We promise that once you have a taste, you will definitely be back again soon.

Customize your pizza the way you like it with a wide range of available toppings or chose from some of our local’s favorites. Our specialty pizzas are like nothing you have ever tasted. Hungry for something other than pizza? View our menu to choose from delicious options including strombolis, calzones, subs, cheesesteaks, pasta dishes, Italian dinners, salads and more.

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